How to Build a Safe Pool for your Home

Pool Safety

Building a pool can really add a lot of value to your home.  Not only is a swimming pool very beautiful, but it can also create a place that you can relax nearby on the weekends and after work.

However, pools can also be dangerous.  There are lots of accidents in and around pools each and every year.  So, in order to eliminate the accidents that you can, and to minimize any damages from accidents when they occur, you can really rest assured knowing that you have made a good decision.

The first thing about pool safety is that everyone that uses the pool, or the areas near the pool, are aware of your safety regulations that you have implemented.  This includes no running by the pool.  Probably the most common accident near a swimming pool is when the water collects near the walking surface by the pool and someone slips.  There are plenty of sprained ankles and bruised legs due to these accidents.  Just be sure to have everyone slow down.

Build a Swimming Pool Fence

A good swimming pool contractor will know exactly how to build a fence to protect your swimming pool and your home.  A good fence needs to have several key features.  First, the fence needs to have a self-closing gate.  You need to remember that the pool area will be used by a lot of children.  Children are not always the best at closing gates.  Their friends may also not be used to closing a gate properly either.  So, be sure to have the swimming pool builder install a gate that will close by itself.

Next, be sure that the gate will also latch by itself.  This is another key feature as the pool will be an attraction for neighborhood kids as well as wildlife.  So, the pool gate really will need to be self-closing and also self-latching.

Finally, be sure that the fence is made to not only look good, but also keep out wildlife.  During the summer months, there are lots of animals around that will also enjoy the cool water.  There are stories every year of alligators being found in a pool.  Also, bears like the cool waters as do neighborhood dogs and raccoons.  So, make sure that your fence is made to protect from unwanted visitors in the night.

Have a Pool Cover

During the winter, you really need a pool cover.  This will keep the pool from freezing and also keep debris out of the pool.  It’s this debris that causes the bulk of damage to your new pool, so you should be aware that a good swimming pool cover will more than pay for itself in the first year.

Be Aware of Pool Surroundings

It is not just your swimming pool itself, it is also the nearby surroundings that can create a lot of value.  However, many people do not take into consideration that certain objects should not be right next to the pool.  A lot of people have slick surfaces next to their pool.  Also, some people place their fireplaces right next to the pool.  This is not a good idea as the water from the pool will degrade the fireplace quickly, which is especially true for those people that have gas lines to their fireplaces.  Also, keep your cooking surfaces away from the pool as the two just don’t mix.  Finally, have your swimming pool installer be sure to have the grade of the soil set up properly so that the water that you get during the year will move away from the pool itself.


A swimming pool is a great addition to your home.  Be sure to have your swimming pool contractor install a good fence, with a self-closing and self-latching gate.  Also, be sure to keep the pool area free from safety hazards and you will enjoy the swimming pool for years to come.